All CameraLux Webcam Models must observe and comply with the following rules:

The following are FORBIDDEN anywhere on our network:

NO MINORS. No persons under the age of 18 years are allowed in front of the camera on this website;

Models that are visibly pregnant;

SM is FORBIDDEN on this network;

NO visible menstruation (menses, period) is permitted when you are on;

NO ANIMALS. No animals are allowed to appear on camera. ABSOLUTELY NO BESTIALITY is allowed on this network;

Incest, simulation of incest or anything similar is strictly FORBIDDEN;

It is FORBIDDEN to DEFACATE (poo, scat) or to simulate it;

It is FORBIDDEN to URINATE (piss, toilet) or to simulate it;

It is FORBIDDEN to VOMIT or to simulate it;

FISTING is strictly FORBIDDEN. When your fingers are in any orifice (body opening), the thumb CANNOT be inserted!

NO BONDAGE is permitted (For example: If there is more than one person in front of the same camera, no one can tie up or handcuff the other person);

NO SELF-MUTILATION, bloodletting, etc. of any form is permitted;

House Rules, General Professional Conduct:

NO MAIL, INSTANT MESSAGER ID, TELEPHONE NUMBER and/or POSTAL ADDRESSES can be exchanged before, during or after chatting with the customers;
(for example:, MSN, Yahoo!, etc);

NO PUBLICITY, no internet links , no banners for products or services that have no association with CameraLux are allowed;

NO FACE TO FACE MEETINGS with the customers are allowed;

NO SOLICITING (prostitution) is permitted;

NO DRUGS, illicit or illegal substances are permitted;

NO TELEPHONE can be used while you are on If you want to make or receive a phone call you must log off our network;

NO EATING while you are webcamming. Please log off and take your time to eat;

There can be NO IDLE PERIOD of more than one minute where you are not in front of the camera;

The use of visual or hand signs indicating a pause is not allowed;

Controlling your chatroom, your account and private show rates;

No persons under 18 years of age are allowed on cam or in the chatrooms;

DO NOT FORGET that you are on a live erotic video chat website - try and keep discussions focused around this subject;

BANNING tools are available for you to filter unpleasant or troublesome users. Please use these banning tools reasonably;

NEVER use or exchange an existing account. Never use someone else's (unused) account. ACCOUNT X = MODEL X - a new Model MUST have a new account;

Your account is credited with the 180 day released amount (i.e. 180 retained amount minus chargebacks) 6 months later;

Pricing can also be changed at any time, without further notification;

Any breach of these rules will be communicated to you;

If the above rules are repeatedly broken, your account could be suspended for some time or even permanently shut down.